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Scandi styling continues with pace

Posted by Natalie Motley on Nov 12, 2018 3:55:42 PM

The Scandinavian interior design trend appeared on the scene, here in the UK around about 5 years ago. Although 2018 has been all about bright and funky colours in both contract and domestic markets, the minimalist and chic Scandi style shows little sign of slowing down. This is quite something, because trends usually come and go pretty swiftly, but this one continues to stick. And, I have to say, we love it – From restaurant furniture, contract furniture and accessories, this style is set to pervade contract and domestic styling for the foreseeable future. The following article shows how you can bring a touch of Scandinavian flair to your venue.

A little bit of background
Several key factors unite the Scandinavian approach to design and they have their origin in the characteristics of the Nordic design. These northern countries are famously cold and dark for many months of the year with brief summers. During these months, Scandinavian homes have to offer psychological as well as physical warmth and comfort and so this is where the very unique style of Scandi design was born.

Keep it minimal
And no we don’t mean having nothing or very little in your space, because Scandinavian style is, in fact, all about making your venue feel warm, cosy and homely. Instead, we mean a neutral colour scheme, such as greys, beiges and whites and keeping your look simple because Scandinavian design is characterised by simplicity, minimalism and functionality, in equal parts, rather than going into sensory overload.

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Your restaurant furniture should also be of similar ilk – Keep your seating and table colours and style simple. Clean lines and functional, to fit in with the Scandinavian style. Think wooden elements and organic inspiration. Simple, understated and well-made products are favoured over the showy grandiose effect. Quintessential of Scandinavian interior design are real wood floors in pine, fir and sometimes oak with a light coloured finish to fit seamlessly with your furniture and accessories.

The Danish concept ‘Hygge’, pronounced ‘hue-gah’, can’t actually be translated into one word, but it represents a feeling of cosy contentment, calmness and well-being and it’s a huge element of Scandinavian interior design, because of the harsh and long winters, mentioned previously. Above we discussed minimalism, but this doesn’t mean that your area or venue will feel cold and dull, but instead will exude warmth and cosiness.

Hygge, in a commercial space is about creating a warm and relaxing environment whereby your customers feel at home. And one of the best ways to achieve this is through textures and materials such as throws and blankets draped across your restaurant furniture, fluffy cushions, rugs, white wooden blinds and even candles dotted around. Books, plants and artwork are also incredibly appealing to create that home from home look and feel.

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With only seven daylight hours to spare in winter months, Scandinavians spend a lot of time indoors during the long, dark winter nights, therefore, lighting is often known as the life source of any Scandinavian interior design. One of the most essential features within Scandi interior design is to let in as much natural light as possible. We know that natural light and Vitamin D make us feel calmer and more relaxed, so open those curtains wide and pull up the blinds. Of course your light and neutral colour palette along with restaurant furniture choices will make your space appear lighter and brighter as well. Natural light must be complemented by modern lighting in a neutral white aesthetic or similar and the same clean lines found in Scandi inspired furniture.

Bringing the outdoors in

To achieve the ultimate Scandi look, make sure you bring the outdoors in. Plants are a great way to start, including cacti, ferns and even bamboo. But you can also incorporate other elements from nature too, such as natural woods, rattan, stone and even feathers and twigs. This is extremely easy to do in any hospitality environment when you take into consideration your furniture and accessories.

It seems that the Scandi style will continue to permeate our industry and I have to say we’re extremely excited about this, because it’s such a beautiful style and so much fun to work with. There’s nothing better than creating an environment which oozes warmth, comfort and elegant design.

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