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The weirdest and wackiest restaurants from around the globe

Posted by Natalie Motley on Sep 10, 2018 9:00:00 AM

All restaurants are individual in their own way and most restaurants have a unique selling point, be it their food style or presentation, their interior décor or drinks they serve. This blog aims to explore some of the weirdest and wackiest restaurants from around the globe.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant – Maldives

This is the one I definitely want to pay a visit…..This is a gorgeous and intimate location under the sea, in fact, it’s 16 feet under sea level. On offer is a truly gourmet menu and diners experience a spectacular 270 degree panoramic view of sea animals swimming in crystal clear waters. Make a reservation before it’s too late, because the saltwater and marine growths will eventually break it down!

Restaurant furniture

Dinner in the sky – Montreal

This one isn’t for you if you suffer from acrophobia. This restaurant involves a crane hoisting guests 160 feet in the air, along with waiting staff and even your table! And, it runs in different cities around the globe.

restaurant furniture

O.Noir – Canada

Dining in the dark isn’t a new concept by any stretch of the imagination. The philosophy here is that a diner’s enjoyment is heightened when sight is taken out of the equation. Evem mmobile phones are a no no.

restaurant furniture

The Grotto – Thailand
Guests are seated in a cave on the popular phranang beach with an absolutely wonderful view. The speciality there is a seafood barbecue.

 restaurant furniture

Birds Nest Restaurant – Thailand
One of the finest and most unique restaurants in the world. This restaurant is literally a birds nest with tree nests 16 feet above ground level. Not only will you enjoy every bit of the food here, but you will surely like the spectacular view from the height, as well. To deliver your meals and drinks, the waiters use a specially-designed zip line!

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The Labassin Waterfall Restaurant – Philipines
This restaurant is based the foot of the Labassin waterfall and offers authentic cuisine erved on bamboo tables. When people dine here, they soak their feet in the clear water and enjoy the view of a wonderful waterfall that serves as a ‘natural air conditioner.’ Very often, the restaurant hosts traditional music and dance shows.

restaurant furniture

The Ice Restaurant – UAE
This restaurant is made fully of ice, so if you dine here you will want to wrap up warm. With such a hot climate in this area, this is quite a chilling experience. Definitely one that will stick in your memory.

restaurant furniture

Death row diner – Liverpool

Death Row Dive and Diner is based on the idea that this is the restaurant a condemned man would choose to enjoy his last meal. The food is stunning, ranging from a Bloody Mary brisket to a fried chicken burger, with maple bacon, cheese and hot sauce on a brioche bun.

It’s the decor that really makes this place stand out, as you can’t help but falll in love with the minimalist shelving and furniture – and how could we forget the rather retro US payphones on the walls. It’s like dining in a prison only a billion times better.

restaurant furniture

restaurant furniture

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